S.M. Ashraful Islam

Mr. S M Ashraful Islam is the Executive Vice Chairman at eGeneration Ltd, one of the leading software companies in the area of system integration IT consultancy, digital platforms , NLP, machine learning & AI,Block chain, Bigdata and Training etc.

Mr Islam served as career civil servant and retired as an additional secretary of the government of Bangladesh. Before retirement he was working as the Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council.
He is an IT enthusiast and tech-entrepreneur. He was one of the few civil servants Who are experienced policy formulation, service innovation and transformation of public service delivery through ICT interventions.He is one of the mentors who are involved in grooming civil servants and other stake holders in pursuing the agenda of digital transformation and change management. One of the the renowned tech influencer in the country pursuing vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh.He is also specialized in organizational reform & BPR.

Mr. Islam comes up with phenomenal experience in health service delivery and related policies. He also gathered profound experience in education sector as a whole with practical experience of formulation and implementation of related policy and strategies together with monitoring and evaluation.

As an IT enthusiast and strategist he has contributed towards formulation of different polices like national ICT policy, ICT master plan for education sector. He is a great advocate of IT/ITES industry achieving its goal of 5bn dollar export 2021 by govt policy reform and industry capacity development.

He has phenomena experience of designing and implementing projects, especially designed project for digitalization of public service delivery.

His specialty is knowledge about digital transformation of the government as a whole, IT/ITES, industry development of Bangladesh in the context of emerging technology and their application.

Mr. Islam, until recently was working as Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). As the executive director of BCC he played pivotal role in the adoption of information and communication technology in the public service. In this area, he implemented a number of projects to establish e-governance across government organizations.

He led the BCC team to implement major initiatives to materialize Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh. Highlights of those are: (I) Development of Government-wide Intranet for Government of Bangladesh connecting over 18,000 Government offices across the country, (ii) Development of a Tier-4 data centre in the country, (iii) Establishment of National Enterprise Architecture, and (iv) Development of industry-ready human resources for the IT Industry to realize vision 2021:digital bangladesh.

In addition to these, some of his initiatives have helped minimize the digital divide through ICT training of women and persons with disabilities.

Prior to joining BCC he served as Additional Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh. He comes with decades of experience in the civil service, starting from field administration to the secretariat level. He has a blend of working experience in senior positions in the Ministries of Education, Health and Primary Education with a track record of reform and BPR.

He is an IT strategist and championed in improving public service delivery using IT solutions.

Mr. Islam also played instrumental role to contribute to the initiative of building country-wide National Cyber Defense System to fight the fast growing cybercrime, intellectual property theft, IT infrastructure abuse.

While was with the government he particularly explored opportunity for the government and industry collaboration. Most Importantly built an effective partnership among Industry, academia and government.